Saturday, April 9, 2011

Near Record Breaking Temperatures!

Yesterday we had a near record breaking high temperature for April 8 in Houston. We had a high of 89 degrees which has been the record high for April 8 since 1986. We are supposed to have another near record breaking high temperature today. The high temperature is supposed to get to 90 degrees today and the record is 91 degrees. Those are the temperatures that were supposed to be getting in early June. We might get some rain this week which might help cool down our temperatures. I hope we can get some rain because we haven't been getting alot of it lately. They said we have a chance for rain on Monday, Friday, next Saturday and Sunday. I hope can get some rain.


  1. That is warm for this time of year!! I hope you have air conditioning! I think you'll probably get some rain because we had rain these past two days here in Southern California and I'm sure the storm is heading your way!


  2. Ya we always have our air conditioner on! Lol! Thanks for the info. : )


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