Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kung Fu!

Yesterday my dad showed my this show called Kung Fu. It is a western show that was made in the 70's. He wanted me to watch a episode with him and I liked it alot. The main character in the show comes from China and he knows Kung Fu but, he doesn't like to fight unless necessary and he doesn't believe in killing anything. It was a good show it kind of reminded me of the movie the Karate Kid because in the movie the karate teacher Mr.Miyagi doesn't like to fight unless necessary like the main character in Kung Fu. I enjoyed watching it and I think if you like to watch karate shows or westerns you would probably like watching this show also.


  1. I do remember watching that show and you are right, it is a good show with some good lessons in it about only fighting when necessary! Glad your dad showed you it and you enjoyed watching it!


  2. Yeah, I watched the movie today. It was pretty good. : )


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