Friday, April 29, 2011

It's A Scam!

This morning my mom got a call from a scammer saying that the government was going to give us $7,000 dollars. My mom believed them at first but, when they started asking her where our nearest Western Union was which I think is another bank. My mom started thinking that it might me a scam so, she asked the person on the phone if it was a scam and they immediately hung up. It was obviously a scam because why did they want to know where our nearest Western Union was and why didn't they ask us to use our bank. It doesn't make anysense. If it was really from the gornment they would've probably sent us a letter or atleast would've known what bank we use. I'm glad that my mom figured out it was a scam. I just wanted warn yall of this scam.


  1. Thanks for the warning! I know I get a lot of emails that I won this lottery or that lottery, I just need to contact them (and probably give my bank account info, which I wouldn't). I usually delete those without even opening them. Glad your mom was so wise to realize it was a scam!



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