Saturday, April 30, 2011

Imposter Kitty Attacks Again!

At around 9pm today I heard a sound of cat's fighting again and when I looked out of the window of the front door I saw the imposter kitty and the white kitty scratching and hissing at eachother. I had to chase and yell at them to get them to stop fighting. I really don't think the imposter kitty and the white kitty are friends anymore. I think the white kitty wants to be friends but, the imposter kitty doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. I still didn't get to get a picture of the imposter kitty because I was trying to stop it from fighting the white kitty. I think it justs wants to get the white kitty's food. I think it's a stray cat. I kind of fell sorry for it and I want to feed it but, it's too scared of me. i'm sure the white kitty won't mind sharing some of her food with it.


  1. maybe you can find a place to put food for the imposter kitty where the white kitty won't be so the imposter kitty can feel safe while it is eating. It does seem like it is a stray cat just looking for something to eat and maybe white kitty is being protective with her food and protecting her household. Maybe imposter kitty has several houses he/she visits looking for food and maybe that's why you don't see him/her every day.....just a thought

    have a good Sunday!



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