Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Think I Saw Imposter Kitty!

Yesterday at around 8pm I think I saw the imposter kitty sneaking across our driveway into the street. The white kitty saw it also and I think that she wanted to follow it but, she decided not to. I don't if it was the imposter kitty or not but, it looked too skinny to be the little kitty and it was walking away too fast as if it was trying to avoid something. The little kitty would have probably come to the door or atleast tunr it's head and look at me. I don't know but, i'm going to look outside my front door at the same time today to check and see if the imposter kitty will show up or not. I'll make sure to bring my camera so, that I will be able to take a picture of it this time.


  1. Hope the kitty shows up again tonight so you can get a picture and see who it is!



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