Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finished Watching The American Le Mans!

I've just finished watching the American Le Mans 12 hours of Sebring. It took me awhile to watch it and which is the website that was showing the replay of the race was going to delete it soon so, I wanted to be able to watch it before they deleted it. I enjoyed watching it. I'm really annoyed because I just finished watching the American Le Mans 12 Hours of Sebring and they are going to show the race at Long Beach today. Atleast it's not going to be a 12 hour race this time but, I was hoping to be able to take a little break from watching racing. So hopefully I will be able to watch the race at Long Beach today while they are playing it live so, I won't have to watch the replay of it. Then I can get back to making more new post. If I can think of something to write about.


  1. That was a lot of racing to watch!! I live about two hours away from Long Beach; I remember years ago driving the course (not during the race of course) when we were visiting the area. I hope you have a chance to watch its race today!

    have a god day!


  2. Oh cool! lol! you missed spelled good. I thought that they only opened the course during special race events because it is a street course?


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