Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today we had Canes for dinner. It is a chicken resturant. We haven't eaten there in a while so, we decided to have it today. There chicken is ok but, the sauce they give you with it is really good. The sauce is the only reason why I like to eat there. There chicken isn't that bad but, it isn't really that great either. They give you 25 pieces of chicken with 6 packages of sauce and fries for $40. I think that is a good price for 25 pieces of chicken. I thought it was a good ides to eat Canes today since we haven't had it in a while


  1. It sounds delicious and what a bargain too for what you get!! We don't have them here in Southern California.


  2. Yeah I don't think there is that many of them. I've only seen the one in Houston but, I know that there are more of them.


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