Sunday, March 6, 2011

White Kitty Has a New Owner!

This morning when I was finished feeding the white kitty. I heard the doorbell ring and I saw a man waving at me. I was annoyed at first because I thought that he was a salesperson but, then he told me that I have been sharing a cat with him and I was glad that it wasn't a salesperson. He told me that he was going to take it to the vet so, I said that was ok and then he told me that he has been trying to keep the white kitty inside his house but, has been having trouble doing it. I told him that he could keep her because we were also having troubles keeping her in the house because the other two cat's that live in our house always try to fight with her and I have to keep her in the study. I then went upstairs to go back to bed. When I was trying to go back to bed I saw that they were trying to put the white kitty in the cat carrier so, that they could take her to the vet. My dad told me to come downstairs to help them carry the white kitty in the cage. I picked her up and tried to carry her but, she got scared and so, I had to put her down. The wife of the guy that had rung the doorbell told me that they had had the white kitty since she was 1 years old and that they have been trying to keep her in their house. While I was standing there trying to help get the white kitty in the cat carrier. They told me that it was cold and that I should go inside. I agreed that it was cold so, I went back inside and I went back up the stairs. When I got back into my bed I heard a car squealing outside. I had thought that they had finally caught white kitty but, when I looked outside of my front door a couple of hours later I saw the white kitty again. I don't know if they took the white kitty to the vet because I didn't see her leave with them. The white kitty keeps showing back up at my front door and I don't know if I should feed her or not. I don't think I should since I told them that they could have the white kitty. I hope the white kitty likes staying at their house. They gave me their address so, maybe i'll go visit her once in a while. .

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