Saturday, March 19, 2011


The moon is going to be closer to earth than it usually is because the moon doesn't rotate the earth in a perfect circle and it will be at its pedigree. Which is when the moon is the closest to the earth. When the moon is at its apogee it is the farthest away from the earth. So tonight we are going to have a full moon and it is going to be at it's pedigree. The moon hasn't been this close to earth since 1992. I think you should go see it. I was trying to see it in the evening but, the clouds were in the way so, I didn't get to see it until 9pm. It was still alot brighter and bigger than I had seen it before. I thought it looked like a giant lamp beaming on the earth from space. The moon doesn't get this close to earth that often so, if you haven't seen it already then you should go see it now because the later in the night it gets the smaller the moon will be. So make sure you don't miss seeing it.

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