Saturday, March 12, 2011

Playing Mercenaries!

I decided to start playing Mercenaries for the ps2 because my controller is getting old and it was making all the cars in my racing games spin out of control too much and since Mercenaries is mainly a shooting game I thought the controller would work better since you don't have to use the joy stick that much in it. I had bought Mercenaries a couple of years ago but, I didn't really understand how to play it so, I just forgot about it and I decided to play something else. It's not a bad game it's like war version of Grand Theft Auto. You play a mercenary who is trying to find people that are in a deck of cards while doing jobs for people who know where the people in the deck of cards are. It's a pretty fun game you drive through a war torn South Korea with bombs being dropped randomly and people from other countries trying to shoot at you. You actually do alot of driving in the game which is what I prefer to do since i'm not good at shooting. When you are doing a mission where you have to pick up somebody all you have to do is drive through and avoid the guns then you won't have to shoot anybody. I like this game and I think it is a fun game to play if you don't have anything else to do.

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