Saturday, February 19, 2011

White Kittty Came Back!

When I was looking out the front door to see if the white kitty was there I saw here running across the driveway to the door. I opened the door and started petting her. Then I gave her some food and some Friskie's Party mix cat treats. She didn't really eat much of the food I gave her but, she ate all of the kitty treats I gave her. I hope she has been getting enough food. When I saw her today she looked fine so, I think she has been getting enough food. I was happy when I saw her today because I was starting to get worried since I hadn't since her in a couple of days. She usually disappears for a couple of days and then she comes back but, I still wanted to know if she was ok.


  1. I'm glad she's back! hahaha, that's funny that she ate all of the cat treats. Party Mix? Are they cat treats for cat parties??


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