Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simon's Adventure!

After staring through the wide open front door Simon decided that he wanted to go outside. Simon was afraid it was really bright outside and there were these loud noises coming from beyond the tall brown fence. He stepped onto the door mat uncertainly turning his head left to write trying to see and hear everything that was going on. He stepped a little further going left towards the bushes eyeing everything suspiciously. He gets scared and runs back into the safety of the house. He stands there in front of the door again peering outside not sure if he wants to go outside again. After a few minutes of staring he decides that he doesn't want to go outside again. My mom goes to the and she shuts it. Simon takes a look at the door and walks away. He wants to go outside but, he's too scared. Maybe he'll try agian next time. Right now he wants to go to sleep. He goes into the den and hops onto the blue couch, curls up into a ball and then goes to sleep. Back into the safety of his home. Where his water bowl waits filled with water for him to drink.


  1. awesome story JozeBoze - I liked the "loud noises coming from beyond the tall brown fence" part; you totally captured what Simon's thoughts probably are when he thinks about going outside!


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