Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Foot of Snow in Galveston!

In 1895 there was a huge storm in the gulf that brought 15 inches of snow to Galveston and 24 inches of snow to Rayne, Louisiana . That's what it said on the Weather Channel's daily weather history today. I don't know if that's true or not, but that is too much snow for Galveston to have had. They usually freakout if there is only 3 inches of snow but, they got 1 foot and 3 inches of snow. That's alot of snow. I wonder why nobody has ever said anything about it. I guess it could happen though if we did get alot of cold air and we had one of those big storms from the gulf that brings alot of rain. Then we would get alot of snow. That would be fun but, I think Houston would freakout too much if we had over a foot of snow.


  1. woah! yeah that's a lot of snow for Galveston! I guess people just don't talk about it since it was such a long time ago!!

  2. Yeah, I guess but, that's alot of snow and someone must have known about. I would like to hear their story about it.


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