Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fahrenheit 451

I saw the movie Fahrenheit 451 today. Whitch is a 1960's movie based on the novel Fahrenheit 451. I liked the novel alot so, I was excited to see the movie. The movie showed everything that happened in the novel and it had helped explain some things to me that I didn't get when I was reading it. I thought the movie was very good and I was glad that I got to see it. I thought it was a good movie and I think that you should watch it even if you haven't read the book yet, but it would probably be funner to watch if you had read the book. I think you should read it first because I thought it was interesting to see how different the movie was from what I had pictured in my head when I was reading the book. The scenes were a little different from what I had expected and it had also explained some things to me that I didn't get in the book. I thought it was a good movie and I think you should watch it.


  1. cool! yeah, I remember reading that book at Stratford... I didn't like it as much as Brave New World, but it sounds like the movie was good!

  2. Ya I liked it alot. I didn't like reading a brave new world though.


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