Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enjoying The Sunshine!

It's been warm these past few days and i've been enjoying it. I've been able to walk outside without putting a jacket or sweater on. They said on the Weather Channel that it's going to be warm for the rest of the month which is great because Feburary is the last month when we get our cold temperatures in Houston so, that means that winter is almost over. We might get a couple of cold fronts in march that bring the temperatures down into the 30's but they don't usually go below that. Then it will be spring and we won't get anymore cold temperatures. I hope it stays warm through the rest of winter because I think it is annoying when the temperatures keep changing from warm to cold. I think they should just stay the same. They should just be continuously cold or continously warm because I think it's annoying when it is warm one day and then cold the next day. Then you have to get used to the cold all over again. That's why i'm glad that it is supposed to be warm for the rest of this month. Then I can go take a walk outside and enjoy the sunshine with the warm temperatures.

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