Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Got a New Mp3 Player Today!!

Since my Creative Zen v plus has not been working properly. I had to get a new mp3 player from Microcenter. I wasn't really that upset by this because I have been having problems with my mp3 player ever since the day that I got it. First it kept freezing and I had to reset it all the time which made the screens get these black lines on it. Then it just wouldn't turn on once because I had locked it somehow and I didn't know how to unlock it. Then it wouldn't turn on when I had unplugged it from the Xbox 360. Creative was very nice and they helped me by giving me steps to get my mp3 player to turn back on. Then my mp3 player finally broke. The radio kept messing up and switching stations back and forth when I was listening to the radio on it. Then the back light wouldn't turn on. I asked Creative for help but, they couldn't give me anything that could fix it. So I finally decided that I needed to get a new mp3 player. I looked online and I found this Sony walkman mp3 player for $70.00 at Microcenter. I liked it because it was made from Sony and they usually make good products. My ps2 is ten years old and it is still working!! I also liked it because it picks up all the radio stations and I listen to the radio alot so, I think that is a important thing. I really like my Sony walkman mp3 player so far and I recommend it someone if they are looking to buy a mp3 player for a decent price.

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