Friday, January 14, 2011

I Got a New Laptop Today!!

Today after my dad came home from work he, my brother Faisal, and me went to Microcenter to get a new laptop. Faisal had been looking at the Microcenter's brochure and he had seen this acer laptop that was $299.99 dollars. I had thought that was a good price and I decided that I wanted to go and take a look at it. After I had taken a look at it I decided that I liked it and that I wanted to buy it. Then I got the reciept for my laptop and I then went to the cashier and gave her my reciept were she then went and got my laptop. The total came to $325.00 dollars. Which I don't think is a bad price for this laptop. I'm glad that we got this laptop i'm using it right now and i'm enjoying it!!

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