Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cop Out

I just waatched the movie Cop Out with Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis. I thought it was hilarious! I've been wanting to watch Cop Out ever sense it came out and since we get Cinemax for free for a month. I finally got to watch it. I had seen that it was playing when my dad was trying to find a movie to watch. I asked him if I could watch it and he said yes. I was really happy that he let me watch it since i've been wanting to watch it. I liked the begining of the movie when Tracy Morgan was saying all those lines from different movies and he said a line from Die Hard. Which is a movie Bruce Willis is in and Bruce Willis said nope I don't know that one and I thought that was hilarious. It kind of reminded of Beverly Hills Cops. Which is a comedy movie witth Eddie Murphy and Judge Reynolds. I enjoyed watching Cop Out and I think that you should watch it if you like cop and comedy movies.                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  1. sounds like a good one! I wonder if they have it on Netflix streaming...

    Have you seen Hot Fuzz? It's also a cop comedy, with Simon Pegg and some other British people. I guess maybe it's more of a British comedy...

  2. Yeah but, it's on dvd onlt.I haven't seen Hot Fuzz yet! I was planning on watching it sometime though.


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