Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yum! Popcorn!

Since I haven't made any of the popcorn my mom bought. I decided to make some because I was going to watch this movie called The Fast and The Furious (1954) on the Turner Classic Movies channel. I thought it was funny that it was the same name as the street racing movie called The Fast and The Furious. The new The Fast and The Furious isn't a remake of the old one but, it also has alot of car racing in it. The old The Fast and The Furious is about this truck driver that gets framed for running another truck driver off the road and he has to run away from the police so he finds this girl who's a race car driver and he goes to this race with her. He tries to hide his identity from the police but, he eventually gets caught and he decides to turn himself in.

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