Sunday, December 5, 2010

We Got a Christmas Tree Today!!

Hey! we got a Christmas tree  Today! Since we have a Scion Tc we had to put it in the trunk and pull the backseats down to be able to fit the Christmas tree in. That was a problem because I didn't have anywhere to sit because my dad, my older brother, and me went to go get the Christmas tree and there was no more room left in the back for me to sit. So I had to sit on top of the folded seats and hold the Christmas Tree so it wouldn't fall out of the trunk. Luckily our house was right down the street from Kroger's which is where we got our tree from so I didn't have to hold onto the tree for very long. After driving slowly down the street we finally got home and we got the Christmas tree out of the car. We then put it in our house and we got the tree stand out and then we feed it some water

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