Friday, December 24, 2010


My older sister Tamara who lives in Dallas brought home her kitten named Oliver. She drove From Dallas to Houston with Oliver in a cage. We put Oliver in my little sister Julia's room and we made a litter box for it and we put it in her bathroom. When I met Oliver he started hissing at me because I smelled like the other cats that live in my house. I think Oliver is a cute kitten and he reminds me of this cat I had named Pj which looked like Oliver and was grey and white like Oliver is but, he was really fluffy and he had a spot on his face. I was worried that Oliver would be sick after having to be in the car for five hours when he was coming from Dallas to Houston but, he looked ok so I think he's fine. I hope Oliver likes staying in Juila's room and doesn't get sick. I'm happy that I finally got to see Tamara's kitten Oliver.

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