Monday, November 22, 2010

My Pointless Trip to Sharps town Gamexpress!!! Part 2!

Since I figured out that my ps2 wasn't reading the black/blue discs after I got my ps2 back form Gamexpress (which was the reason why I took it there in the first place)! I had called them and they had said for me to come back and to show them what games weren't working so I waited until I could get somebody to drive me there. Then on Sunday I finally got dad to let Faisal drive me there. When we got there they were having one of those low rider parties so we weren't sure if we wanted to go in there or not. We decided to go in and see if they were busy and they weren't. So we went to the Gamexpress booth and I told them that the ps2 still wasn't reading the discs so, they told me it would be fixed the next day. they called me today and told me that my ps2 was fixed! I hope they fixed it this time because I don't fell like going back there again.

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