Friday, November 12, 2010

Favorite pets

my favorite pet is a cat or a dog because they are enjoyable to play with and are not that hard to take care of especially cats* I like cats because they can jump in your lap and they start purring when they like you also their stomachs are really warm when they sit in your lap for a long time witch makes you feel good when your tired and reading a book! I like dogs because they are fun to play with and walk. They are sometimes hard to handle, but if you train them good then they can be fun pets!


  1. I like that pic. Keep up the bloggin. this was my favorite post, very interesting. didn't know we had this picture. Simon was cute. lol

  2. Yeah Julia emailed it to me a month ago and I thought it was cool picture too because he looks a lot brighter and smaller.

  3. yep, Simon was a super-cute kitten.
    Can't wait to see Tam's new kitten when I come home for Christmas break! Aren't you excited??

  4. Yes I can't wait either it looks like that stray kitten that we had that you took care of. It looks cute.


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