Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Driver: San Francisco

I can't wait until it comes out i'm really excited about it and it looks great! I was just playing Driver 2 for the playstation since my playstation 2 doesn't work and i'm having it fixed! i was looking at the graphics of Driver 2 and remembering how I used to think they were really good graphics. I remember looking at the cut scenes of Driver 2 and wanting the graphics to be as good as the cut scenes were. I can't wait for Driver San Fransisco to come out because the graphics are alot better then in Driver 2 and it looks fun! I hope I can fix the xbox 360 by then so that I can play it all day without having to worry about it freezing! It still works, but only for a couple of hours which is annoying so I don't like to play it anymore because it freezes too much!   Driver: San Francisco Creative Director Martin Edmonson Interview 

Driver: San Francisco Creative Director Martin Edmonson Interview

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